Fast Pass Card (Alexis Michelle)


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Skip the massive lines at DragCon and meet Alexis Michelle whenever your heart desires! Buy a Fast Pass Card for a specific day and 1-hour timeframe, and not only will you skip the general line, but you'll get an exclusive 8x10 for Alexis to sign that is only available to Fast Pass Card members.

HOW IT WORKS: We're only selling 15 Fast Pass Cards for each 1-hour slot that Alexis Michelle will be at her booth on Friday-Sunday. If you buy Friday at 5:00pm, then you can show up at her booth anytime Friday between 5:00pm and 5:59pm, and you are guaranteed to skip the general line after showing the Booth Manager (wearing an Elite Queens t-shirt!) your Fast Pass Card and your ID (can be a school ID, driver's license, passport, or State ID).


- 1 person per Fast Pass Card. Each card can only be used once.

- Relax! Take your Time! For each 1-hour timeslot, we're only selling 15 Fast Pass Cards. Even if all 15 card holders come at the same time, the wait will be significantly shorter than waiting in the general line. But we do recommend you space it out! If you buy a 4:00pm card, you could show up as late as 4:59pm and cut the line!

- Missed your Timeslot? Don't fret! If you accidentally missed your time-slot at your favorite queen's booth, check in with their Booth Manager (wearing the Elite Queens t-shirt). She will reschedule you for the next available time slot.

- No refunds on Fast Pass Cards.



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