Mayhem: noun - violent or damaging, disorder, chaos.

Known locally as the Queen of the Party, Mayhem Miller brings more to the table than many can fully stomach. You will be forced to come back for seconds and thirds, and for that reason, she has become a staple to the drag and nightlife communities that extends far past the California border and into the international arena beyond. From her home bar of VIP in Riverside, USA to Oz Nightclub in Adelaide, AU, Mayhem has persevered, not just within the nightlife/drag circuits, but in elevating her performances to the next level. She has worked in outreach for UC Riverside and interviewed for Huffington Post and BuzzFeed. She has been featured in Photography Books and walked down scores of Runways and still finds time to pray and give thanks. The art of female impersonation will never be the same now that Mayhem has, in some ways, literally danced her way through the ranks.

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